All Aboard for ‘Trains’


Trains, Erika Overturff’s carefree, jazzy solo for dancer Cameron Miller, with trumpeter Doyle Tipler as guest star, captures the sense of liberation that travel, music, and dancing all can bring. Cinematographer Lance Glenn filmed on location at the Rails West Museum in Council Bluffs to evoke the golden age of rail travel.

From her initial idea of an onstage solo, Erika evolved her casting, music, and location concepts in a spirit of free-flowing creativity. “The whole thing just came together around trains,” she says, “so here we are!”

Join the virtual premiere by watching the film any time beginning at 7 pm CST Friday on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Erika and Cameron first worked out the choreography remotely, then moved to the Rails West Museum to film on location with cinematographer Lance Glenn.