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Challenge is Opportunity

The Going Solo series is our latest – and perhaps most adventurous – move in our ongoing commitment to find innovative ways to share the magic of dance with our community.

In this groundbreaking series, we challenge American Midwest Ballet company artists to create solo dance works that reflect their personal visions. Then, documentary filmmaker Lance Glenn produces videos of selected works, combining behind-the-scenes insights with a unique visual interpretation of the finished performance. As each work is complete, we’ll be premiering it right here and on our social media channels.

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Season announcement

To our AMB family:

While we had a fantastic Season 11 planned, the pandemic has put us in a very difficult position, limiting both our ability to rehearse together and to perform in a theater setting.

While some community activities have resumed, professional dance involves many hours of intense physical activity at close quarters. Putting the well-being of our dancers and our community first, we must cancel in-person theater performances until medical experts agree it is safe to resume them.

Until we can return to our regular stages – and we will! – we are finding innovative ways to safely share the magic of dance with our community.

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Where We Stand

We have been heartbroken by the losses and pain being experienced in our community and across the country. Everyone deserves to experience full equity and inclusion, regardless of skin color. Black lives matter, and we stand in solidarity with our Black community. It is clear that we all need to listen and work to do more.

We know that dance has the power to inspire, connect, and uplift us. Now more than ever, we’ve dedicated ourselves to listening, reflecting, and working to ensure that people from all walks of life feel included and welcome.

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Recent News

At Work: Going Solo

American Midwest Ballet has started its eleventh professional season with Going Solo – a groundbreaking initiative incorporating the company’s professional dancers, a documentary filmmaker, and the creation of an online video series. Read more…

Spotlight on Susan Chowning

Dance students know her as “Miss Susan”, the smiling face welcoming them for class each day and the encouraging voice nurturing their talent and inspiring them to take their dance to the next level. But for Susan Chowning, sharing her passion for dance started long before becoming the Director of the AMB School. Read more…

In the News: Matthew Lovegood

From the Council Bluffs Nonpareil: “Matthew Lovegood, ballet master for the American Midwest Ballet, has done it all from dancing to choreography to teaching for more than 30 years.” Read more…

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