Sponsors and Donors

American Midwest Ballet gratefully acknowledges the support of our generous sponsors.

Premiere Benefactors

Holland Foundation; Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation; Iowa West Foundation

Season Sponsors

Omaha Steaks; Cindy & Scott Heider; Peter Kiewit Foundation; Douglas County

Major support

Nebraska Arts Council; Nebraska Cultural Endowment; Sherwood Foundation

Education and Community Engagement Sponsors

Iowa Arts Council/Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs; Mutual of Omaha; additional support from FNBO

Artist Sponsors

Herb & Carole Dewey; Amy Haddad & Steve Martin; Sharon McGill; John Ritland, Greta Vaught & Mia Ritland; Polina & Bob Schlott

Contact sarah@amballet.org for more information on sponsorship opportunities. To support now, click here.


Donations made after October 10, 2021, will be included in a future update.

Platinum Partner – $100,000 and above
Holland Foundation
Fred and Eve Simon Charitable Foundation & Omaha Steaks
Iowa West Foundation
Richard Brooke Foundation

Gold Partner – $50,000 and above
Peter Kiewit Foundation
Heider Family Foundation

Silver Partner – $20,000 and above
Nebraska Arts Council
Herb & Carole Dewey
Sherwood Foundation

Principal – $10,000 and above
Iowa Arts Council/Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs
Mutual Of Omaha
Amy Haddad & Steve Martin
Sharon McGill
John Ritland, Greta Vaught & Mia Ritland*
Polina & Bob Schlott

Soloist – $5,000 and above
Ted & Polly Hoff
Kiewit Corporation
Karen & Larry Nelsen

Demi-Soloist – $3,000 and above
Danielle & Michael Ash
Cindy & Mogens Bay
Bill & Sandi Bruns
Michelle & Ryan Clark
Jeff & Keri Francis

Corps de Ballet – $1,500 and above
Bobby’s Dancewear, Inc
Daniel Hamann & Joan Squires
Donna & Tom Hubbell~
Murray & Sharee Newman
Pete & Mary Anne Tulipana

Grand Jeté – $1,000 and above
Barry Cleaveland
Sarah & Andrew Maloney~
Erika Overturff  & Brandon Dickerson~
Pottawattamie County Community Foundation
Bruce & Cindy Schenck~
Annette & Paul Smith Charitable Fund

Pirouette – $500 and above
Maurice & Sarah Birdwell
Daniel Cox  & Eleanor Shirley~
Catherine Hall  & Colin Bernard
Jamie Murphy
Doyle Tipler
James & Susan Tracy Charitable Foundation

Développé – $300 and above
Mike & Kathy Gross
Thomas Richter
The Schweitzer Family
The Donna J and John P Snowdon Fund
Shanna & Dan Zordell

Relevé – $150 and above
Erica Bryant~
Melissa Chapman*
Elizabeth Collins
Hal & Mary Daub
Michael Howland  & Linda Matson
Kelli Isham*
Mary Manning Kechely
Shalisa Nau Anderson  & Jim Anderson*
Robert & Patricia Ranney
Bob & Akemi Smith

Plié – up to $150
AmazonSmile Foundation
Judith Carr
Felicia Cervantes
Judith Feigin
Steve Goodwillie
Hermes Auto & Upholstery Inc
George Kaiser
Jeanette Kenny
Karen & David Morgan
William Munro
Christine Parkyn*
Jess Peterson
Cheryl Widick
Sara Williams

* denotes member of American Midwest Ballet Guild; ~ denotes member of Ballet Barre Society

For questions, please contact Sarah Maloney at sarah@amballet.org.