As a ballet supporter, you make amazing things possible! The magic of dance was perhaps best on display this spring during our world-premiere production Cinderella. But the magic extended far beyond what was on the stage. We were touched to receive this letter from the Egri family sharing what it meant to them:

I am writing to express my profound gratitude for the breathtaking performance of Cinderella that my family and I had the privilege to witness. It was truly one of the most extraordinary dance experiences we have ever seen. From the stunning choreography to the captivating costumes and the enchanting set designs, every aspect of the production was simply magical.

Bricen Egri performs alongside the professionals in ‘Cinderella’
Junior Company dancers help Haydin Egri get ready backstage.

It was a tremendous honor for my two young sons to be part of such an incredible performance alongside your talented professional dancers. They aspire to reach the same heights, and this opportunity has only fueled their passion for dance. Thank you for creating an environment where young dancers can learn, grow, and be inspired by seasoned professionals.

Bricen, Haydin, and Tristen Egri meet Cinderella.

I also want to highlight the incredible moment when my oldest son, who has special needs, met what he believed to be the real Cinderella. He was absolutely overjoyed that she not only spoke with him but also knew his name. The joy on his face was indescribable, and it meant the world to us. We’ve had the extraordinary pleasure of knowing several of the company’s dancers for years, and their warmth and kindness truly make every performance feel like a family gathering.

The entire experience was a blessing for our family, and we feel so fortunate to be part of your dance family. The dedication and passion of everyone involved in making this performance a reality are truly commendable. Thank you for creating such a welcoming and inclusive environment where every dancer and every family feels valued and appreciated. We look forward to many more wonderful moments with you.

Dreams really do come true!

Ballet is so much more than a series of steps put to music. It is the dedication to creating something beyond ourselves, the joy of inspiring and training the next generation of dancers, and the warmth of connection with our audiences.

It takes $2 million to make the magic of dance this coming season. Nearly $1 million of that comes from our amazing supporters like you! We’ve already raised over $500,000 of what it takes to continue sharing the joy of dance with our community. Your gift not only supports the beauty you see onstage, but it helps make stories like the Egri family’s possible!

Thank you for being a special part of our ballet family. Your support means so much to us!

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