Reviews and Feedback

“The dancers exuded a true joy for dance. Our community is so fortunate to have the company.” -Momentum attendee

“We always appreciate being invited and giving our students the opportunity to experience something that most of them would not otherwise experience. The students talk about the experience for days afterward, and it is something that comes up at the end of the school year as a favorite memory from the year. The students always love the costumes and seeing the dancers perform. We also appreciate the funding the makes it possible for us to attend the performance.” -teacher whose students attended Momentum

“When you think of ballet, you think of grace, elegance and authentic beauty in motion. This perfectly describes the American Midwest Ballet company…A great performance makes time stand still leaving an audience wanting more. These words perfectly exemplify these two glorious hours of music in dance. You don’t want to ever miss any performance by the American Midwest Ballet.” –The Daily Nonpareil

“I work downtown and it is always fun to see all of the buses lined up on Harney St and 15th. Love all the joyous young faces looking excited to see the show. What a beautiful and uplifting sight! Thank you for all you do for our community and our children.” – person who works in downtown Omaha, via social media

“Have any of you had such a special moment that it brought you to tears? It happened to me yesterday at this production. My granddaughter was sitting on my lap. We watched this incredible production (as we have for 4 years) and, as we sat, her leaning back on my lap so we were cheek-to-cheek, I felt so blessed and so happy to be with my grandchildren, that tears started to trickle. Luckily, she didn’t get wet. Life’s pure moments of bliss aren’t measured by anything but love.” – Nutcracker attendee

“I am grateful that AMB offers the opportunity for children and teens in our community to audition to be a part of this unique experience. They allowed our then-7-year-old Macy to try out, just like everyone else. And to tell you the truth, I’m not even sure they noticed the presence of an extra chromosome. I am thankful that they were able to look past her disability, see her potential, believe in her, and assign her a role that matches her skill level. Macy has already proven that she truly is ‘more alike than different.’”–parent of a Nutcracker participant

“Drawing visitors from all over the U.S. and the world are Omaha’s many beautiful and wonderful attractions, including its zoo, botanical gardens, museums, and sports and event arenas. At the pinnacle of these attractions is Omaha’s most valued treasure–American Midwest Ballet, which offers residents and visitors the epitome of the beauty and graceful expression of culture that comes from the artistry that only dance can provide.” – Nutcracker attendee

“This is an amazing company. Their strength is multifaceted — wonderful programs, brilliant choreography (especially the dances created by director Erika Overturff), refreshing choices, gorgeous costumes, and an obvious love for dance that sweeps the audience into a wonderfully vibrant experience.” – Momentum attendee

“In a world where it seems like only anger and sadness are shared broadly, American Midwest Ballet provides a few hours of art, light, and joy to lift our spirits and remind us of the true beauty that still exists in abundance in our world. Bravo!” – Momentum attendee

“As performed by the entire troupe, the dance [In the Style of Bob Fosse] was special indeed. It was set to a reworking of numbers from Chicago, a musical that was choreographed by Fosse. The dancers looked like they were having a blast. Their moves were at times dramatic, at times understated and always interesting, especially when the entire troupe came together to form stylized silhouettes.” – Omaha World-Herald, Momentum

“The star of the night was at the end of the first act: Appalachian Song, choreographed by the company’s artistic director, Erika Overturff. The piece required a wide range of emotions; the performers were as much actors as dancers. They made it look effortless. I found myself marveling at the way they conveyed so many feelings with only movement, no words required.” – Omaha World-Herald, Momentum


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