Ballet Barre Society

Dancers return to the barre every morning to build on the foundation of their dance technique. Your recurring gift as a member of the Ballet Barre Society builds a wonderful foundation of support for American Midwest Ballet!

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It’s that simple!

Look at what a monthly gift can do:

$100/yr = $8.33/month …………  You will inspire a family in need with a special night together at the ballet.

$150/yr = $12.50/month………..  You will share the joy of movement by providing a workshop class for low-income students.

$300/yr = $25/month ……………  You will bring an entire class of elementary school children to experience the magic of their first-ever live ballet performance.

$500/yr = $41.67/month ……….You will give the gift of respite by allowing people in need to experience the wonder of ballet.

$1,000/yr = $83.33/month…….You will create a transformational experience for an entire grade level by providing transportation and admission to a student matinee. 

As a Ballet Barre Society member, you will receive all of the donor benefits associated with your annual gift level, as well as an exclusive invitation to a special donor event!

Ready to help “raise the barre”?

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raise the barre

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