Tuition – Community Division
Class LengthMonthly Tuition
30 minute$36
45 minute$48
1 hour$56
1 hour 15 min$60
1 hour 30 min$72

Second child in family (does not apply to an adult and child)

Class LengthMonthly Tuition
30 minute$34
45 minute$46
1 hour$54
1 hour 15 min$58
1 hour 30 min$70

Third child or more in family (does not apply to an adult and child)

Class LengthMonthly Tuition
30 minute$32
45 minute$44
1 hour$52
1 hour 15 min$56
1 hour 30 min$68

Adult Tuition

Dancers in adult classes may pay with a class card or by single class. Class cards offer more flexibility for adult dancers and can be used for any of the adult classes.

8 class card – expires 90 days from date of purchase$100
4 class card – expires 60 days from date of purchase$55
Single class$18


Payment TypeDiscount Amount
Full year tuition paid in full10% off tuition
3-5 classes10% off tuition
6 classes or more15% off tuition
NOTE: For a Community Division student who adds Academy Division classes, the Academy Division class(es) will not be included/counted as part of any multiple class discounts.
Tuition – Academy Division
Class LevelMonthly Tuition
Level 1$104
Level 2$138
Level 3$252
Level 4$348
Level 5$384
Level 6$484


Payment TypeDiscount Amount
Full year tuition paid in full10% off tuition
Tuition – Programs

Junior Company

Full year$1,000
Monthly tuition (10)$112 (Sept), $111 (Oct– May)
Junior Company members who participate in the Ensemble receive half price off the Ensemble participation fee and Ensemble monthly tuition.

Junior (ages 9–11); Senior (ages 12+)

Participation Fee$200
Full year$660
Monthly tuition (10)$66 (Aug – May)

Solo Program

Participation Fee – due upon enrollment$150 first dance
$50 additional dance
Choreography Fee – due prior to first rehearsal$260 per dance
(includes one hour of private lesson time)
Monthly Private Lesson Tuition – due the first of
each month during competition season (YAGP: August – March; Regional Competitions: August – May)
$130 = 2 hours
$260 = 4 hours
per month per dance
Competition Entry Fee: YAGPPaid to YAGP
Competition Entry Fee: Regional Competitions
due by December 1
CostumesPaid by participant
Personal Travel ExpensesPaid by participant
Instructor Travel – Instructor travel will be divided
among participants
Additional Fees
Registration Fee – one-time, charged at time of registrationSingle Student: $20
Family: $30
Non-Autopay Credit Card Payments –debit card, check, or
cash payments will not accrue the 4% charge
Processing Fee – one-time, charged for non-autopay
accounts only
Late Fee – charged after the 7th day of the month, reoccurring
monthly until tuition is paid in full (regardless of absence)
Insufficient Funds – applied for all returned checks or notices
of insufficient funds
Decline Fee – charged after 5 unsuccessful autopay attempts
(once per day)
Schedule Change Fee – charged per occurrence; 1 free
schedule change is allotted per student per school year; not
applicable during September or the first month in which a
new student has joined the school
Late Pick Up Fee – charged for students taking the last class of
the day/evening who are not picked up within 15 minutes of the
end of class
Showcase FeesAmount
Single student$50
2 children in same family$75
3 or more children in same family$100
Costumes$60-$90 per costume
TicketsPrimary & Children’s Classes: $6
Teen & Academy Classes: $11

Tuition, fees and discounts are subject to change.

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