Cinderella – What the Season Fairies Love Most

Cinderella Story:

The Season Fairies Tell What They Love Most About Their Roles

[April 12, 2024]

Every Cinderella story has a Cinderella. A mean stepmother, bratty stepsisters, a fairy godmother, and a prince are almost always in the mix. But the Season Fairies who help Cinderella get ready for the ball are unique to ballet versions of the classic story.

The fairy scenes are very exciting and beautiful,” said choreographer Erika Overturff. “Traditionally, they would be performed by four female soloists – but I wanted to fill out each scene. I selected some animal friends that dance with each fairy. And there’s a small corps de ballet that accompanies each fairy, related to her season.”

Each fairy in AMB’s production has a favorite facet of her role, and each has a key thought she keeps in mind as she brings her character to life on stage.

I love dancing with the students,” says Nora Carr, whose Spring Fairy variation is accompanied by young members of the community cast. “I think it’s really fun to be on stage with them and feed off of their energy. The Spring Fairy is a really quick, fast and fun variation. I think of flowers blooming and blowing on a breezy day in the spring. That’s what helps me keep the speed and keep the fun.”

My favorite part of dancing the Summer Fairy is her entrance,” says Katerina Schweitzer. “She enters the stage on Marsalis’, the grasshopper’s, shoulder. He does a full walk around the stage with a giant cape flowing behind her and the attendants carrying it. I just try to feel so regal and pretend I’m basking in the sun in that moment. The music is beautiful, and I really just try to soak it all up. It’s definitely one of my favorite entrances onto the stage I’ve ever done.”

The Fall Fairy is very playful,” says Amaris Sharratt of her role. “And I feel like that suits my personality well, because I’m very playful. So it’s really easy for me to get into that character. And there are a lot of jumps and turns in it, both of which I love. It’s just a lot of fun.”

“I love being the Winter Fairy,” says Kelanie Murphy. “I love how the music and the choreography mix together to create this beautiful, wintry, delicate feeling. And I think that the costume is one of my favorite costumes I have ever worn. I feel that music and choreography have a magical, soft feeling, like the first snowflakes of the season falling on your cheek. I want to portray that feeling as I dance.”

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