'Sadako' at Japanese Ambience Festival Oct. 6 & 7

In celebration of the rich culture and traditions of Japan, American Midwest Ballet will present an excerpt from Matthew Carter’s original ballet Sadako at the 7th Annual Japanese Ambience Festival Oct. 6 and 7 at Lauritzen Gardens.

ABOVE: Geisha kimonos handmade by Debbie Overturff are among the colorful costumes in 'Sadako'.

Sadako is a beautiful telling of the Japanese story of a young World War II heroine. It is one of several works to be featured in American Midwest Ballet’s season premiere of Momentum October 19 and 21 at Joslyn Art Museum’s Witherspoon Hall. Momentum also includes Brazilian choreographer Armando Duarte’s lively and buoyant Sanfona de Boca and Erika Overturff’s exuberant Tropico.
The festival itself is a celebration of Omaha’s ongoing friendship with Shizuoka, Japan – one of Omaha’s sister cities.
Several years ago, the city of Shizuoka built a replica of the revered gate to Sunpu Castle, home of famed shogun warrior Tokugawa Ieyasu as a gift to Omaha. In turn, the Omaha Sister Cities Association honors the generosity of our Japanese friends with an annual festival at Lauritzen Gardens where the replica stands.
Join the festivities by celebrating Japan and learning a little more about the inspiring story of Sadako.
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