'Let's Dance' at Omaha Creative Institute

American Midwest Ballet and Omaha Creative Institute invite you experience the unexpected and awaken your inner creative spirit — by dancing!

ABOVE: Natasha Grimm rehearses for a American Midwest Ballet production

‘Let’s Dance’ is a collaborative dance workshop being held Saturday, Sep. 22 at the Tip Top Building at 1516 Cuming St. in Omaha.
Led by company dancer, Natasha Grimm, participants will explore a diverse range of dance styles inspired by colorful musical arrangements. Whether you’ve danced professionally or alone in your living room, here is a unique opportunity to explore the power and fun of movement with a professional dancer.  Beginners are welcome!
This event has concluded. 
Omaha Creative Institute (OCI)
Tip Top Building (Alley Poyner Macchietto space)
1516 Cuming St. in Omaha
*OCI workshops are for mature youth and adults. Please inquire at OCI if registering anyone age 10 or under.

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