In The News: For American Midwest Ballet’s Matthew Lovegood, one jazz class turns into a lifetime of dance

“Matthew Lovegood, ballet master for the American Midwest Ballet, has done it all from dancing to choreography to teaching for more than 30 years.”

Ballet Master, Matthew Lovegood, working with the American Midwest Ballet company dancers.

“Lovegood moved to Omaha in 2003, and — as a founding member — he started dancing with the American Midwest Ballet in 2010, when the company began. American Midwest Ballet is the region’s professional dance company. Classes are offered for children to adults at all levels.”

““The story is that when I was a youngster the neighbor who babysat us told our mother that I had a lot of energy and needed to be put in a dance class, said Lovegood. “I was then enrolled in jazz classes for a couple of years. It turned my energy into a kind of art.

Emmalee Scheibe
Reporter, The Daily Nonpareil

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