Cinderella – Meet ballet’s brattiest power couple

Cinderella Story:
Bringing Personality to Ballet’s Most Obnoxious Power Couple

[February 16, 2024]

They’re snobby. They’re snippy. They’re bratty. They’re a bit batty. And portraying them is a lot of fun! Meet the Cinderella stepsisters.

Two of the characters I’m most excited to work on are the stepsisters,” said choreographer Erika Overturff. “There’s a lot of humor to be had there.

One of the strengths of our company is all the great actors and actresses that we have. That’s so important to storytelling in a performance.

“And we have people who are not afraid to give it their all, to make something really funny. We’re having a great time developing those scenes.

“My stepsister name is Prunella, and her key trait is vanity,” said Erin Alarcón. “As Erika has been staging each scene, I’ve been letting that trait inform not only my dancing, but also how I interact with every other character. It’s always inspiring to me how character development can blossom from just a one or two key pieces of information. I’m looking forward to continuing this process!”

“My stepsister’s name is Grismerelda, and she is always feeling second best to Prunilla,” said Alexandra Hoffman. “Prunilla is definitely the mean sister, while I am more mopey from her stealing the spotlight.

“It’s been such a fun time putting these scenes together. It’s rare for Erin and me to dance directly alongside each other, and I am having a blast dancing and acting with her. Erika definitely has a vision for how she wants our characters to act/react, but she has given us a lot of opportunity to try a scene and see what naturally happens. I’m excited to keep learning material and to share many more laughs along the way.

At the Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center, Council Bluffs:

  • Saturday, April 27 – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, April 28 – 2 pm

At the Orpheum Theater, Omaha:

  • Saturday, May 11 – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, May 12 – 2 pm

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