Cinderella – Fifth-grade dream to world premiere

Cinderella Story:
From Fifth-Grade Dream to Spectacular World Premiere

[February 9, 2024]

When did Erika Overturff first conceive the idea to create her own ballet based on the beloved tale of Cinderella? Erika knows exactly:

I got the idea when I was about 11,” she said. “I choreographed an entire production in my friend’s basement. She was a ballet student with me, and also in the cast were her little sister and my little sister.

“The four of us did all the roles. I choreographed it, planned it out, and directed people. We had costumes – scarves and things. It was a full production for our capacities at the time. We planned it, rehearsed it, and put on a whole performance!”

One thing was missing: an audience. It didn’t occur to the young impresarios to invite anyone to their four-girl Cinderella.

“So I’ve been waiting for my chance ever since,” Erika said. “And it’s finally time to make it happen!

Now, get ready for American Midwest Ballet’s world premiere of grown-up Erika’s grand new Cinderella – with brilliant dancing by our 25-member professional company, a community ensemble of more than 40 performers, spectacular settings, and rich costuming especially created for this production. This time, you are definitely invited!

At the Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center, Council Bluffs:

  • Saturday, April 27 – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, April 28 – 2 pm

At the Orpheum Theater, Omaha:

  • Saturday, May 11 – 7:30 pm
  • Sunday, May 12 – 2 pm

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