Would YOU Open the Box? Watch “Going Solo” Friday!

Premiering this Friday:
Claire Goodwillie’s

The box seems so small… so delicate. Surely there could be no harm in opening it…? This fateful moment of decision in a young woman’s life has come down to us through almost 3,000 years of poetic history as the story of Pandora’s Box.

Although the poet Hesiod’s original story is part of an extended narrative, Claire has chosen to focus on its key moments of intense personal drama: when Pandora considers the box, decides to open it out of innocent curiosity, and then must confront the consequences of her choice.

Choreographer Claire Goodwillie (on monitor) demonstrates a movement detail for dancer Alyssa Grimsley. To protect the artists’ health, they set and rehearsed the piece remotely.
Going solo, literally: As Claire coaches her from home, Alyssa workes by herself in the spacious AMB studios at the Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center. (The photographer was masked and observed social distancing protocols.)

“I’ve wanted to create a piece that was related to Greek mythology for many years,” Claire said. “Not only are the stories exciting and full of emotion, it’s incredible how long they’ve survived.

“I was attracted to this particular story because, unfortunately, the idea of one terrible thing after another being released into the world felt appropriate for the times in which we’re living. While there are different endings to this legend, I’ve chosen to end it on a hopeful note, as a reminder that we must always hold onto hope.”

Filming day: In the Polina & Bob Schlott Performing Arts Center at the Hoff, Alyssa tries her movements on the stage. Filmmaker Lance Glenn discusses shot setups with Claire Goodwillie.
At left, curiosity; center, regret and despair; right, hope appears at the last moment. The story first told by the poet Hesiod almost 3,000 years ago comes to life through Claire’s choreography and Alyssa’ performance.

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