Momentum Close-Up: ‘Fragile Creatures’

Wyatt Weeces and Kelanie Murphy

Momentum Close-Up: Erin Alarcón’s Fragile Creatures

[September 1, 2023]

“I like to say Fragile Creatures is about ‘the things we don’t talk about,’” says Erin Alarcón of her new ballet, making its premiere on the Momentum program. “Human complexities are both beautiful and alluring to me, and in this piece we examine the shadow parts of ourselves we often hide from others.”

“Many times we don’t share what we’re truly thinking, or what our memories are, because we’re afraid that someone else might judge us or that they haven’t had that same experience,” she said. “But I have found in my life that when you share something very personal with somebody else, it creates a deeper human connection. And so I really believe that in sharing our most guarded memories, that we can create stronger bonds with one another.”

Kelanie Murphy

A walk through memory…

“I structured the piece so it should feel like a walk through somebody’s most intimate memories,” Erin said. “Each section takes on a different memory or idea. I worked with Kent Hertz, a projection artist, who will help create these different parts of the mind as we move through it.

“I hope that people in the audience come away feeling like they connected to a story that was portrayed, and they recognize their inner selves in it. I hope they feel that they are maybe not quite as alone as they thought they were in that emotion, and that there are other people out there who can connect with you about this part of yourself that you were afraid to speak about. Sharing your story is worthwhile, because we all have one to share.”

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