Cinderella Storytime

AMB’s Cinderella Loves ‘Cinderella Storytime’

[March 28, 2024]

“I love reading, and I love being able to tell stories!” says Kogan Murphy, who dances the title role in our world-premiere production of Erika Overturff’s Cinderella.

So it’s no surprise that one of Kogan’s favorite parts of the Cinderella experience has been leading “Cinderella Storytime,” a series of read-aloud events for children ages 3-to-7-ish at locations around Omaha and Southwest Iowa.

At the events, Kogan, in her Cinderella costume, reads from one of several Cinderella storybooks. A professional librarian at Omaha’s College of Saint Mary, which holds one of the world’s largest collections of Cinderella literature, helped choose the book list.

“Erika’s ballet tells its own version of the story, yet is similar to a lot of the books,” said Kogan. “And each of the books is really different from the others. The illustrations are so varied and creative that it’s really fun for me to read them to the little ones.”

After the reading, Kogan typically talks a bit about her life as a professional ballerina, often passing around a pair of pointe shoes so her listeners can feel how they’re made. Then…

“I think that the best part is after storytime,” she said. “The first time I did it, I asked the kids to stand up and stretch and dance with me. And then I went to show them just a little bit of my dancing – and it was like they couldn’t sit down. They had to stand up and dance with me for the rest of the event! That was really special.”

If you know any young ones who might enjoy “Cinderella Storytime”, PACE (the nonprofit organization that manages the Hoff Family Arts & Culture Center) will be hosting one at the Hoff on Saturday, April 13. The event is free, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. We hope to see you there!

Performances of Our World-Premiere Ballet Cinderella

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