Dancers perform 'Cleopatra' at Shakespeare on the Green pre-show

A lovely tree-lined section of Elmwood Park, nestled just south of UNO’s Bell Tower at 64th & Dodge in the heart of Omaha, served as the stage for Shakespeare On the Green’s presentation of Julius Caesar on  June 24.
American Midwest Ballet performed at the play’s pre-show presenting an excerpt from Erika Overturff’s original ballet Cleopatra performed by the company’s professional dancers at 7:30 p.m.

Not only were Julius Caesar and Cleopatra contemporaries, they were also lovers who shared a son named Caesarion.
Before delving into the tragic life of Julius Caesar, one of the most powerful rulers of the Roman Empire, arts fans received a glimpse into the tumultuous life of one of his most alluring companions, Cleopatra the last queen of Egypt.

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