Interview with the Vampire… and Friends

What key question did choreographer Winthrop Corey ask himself when he began planning ‘Dracula?’ How do dancers Sasha York and Natasha Grimm prepare themselves to portray the characters of Count Dracula and Mina? Is Dracula simply a monster, or does he have a vulnerable side?
You can hear the answers to these and other questions in the performers’ own words, in this series of audio interview clips. Click the “Play” buttons below, and listen to discover:

How did Winthrop Corey approach the task of turning Bram Stoker’s classic 1897 horror novel into a story that could be presented as a ballet? [mp3j flow=”y” track=”@″]

What does Sasha York do to prepare himself to portray Count Dracula? York and Winthrop Corey discuss the fine points of bringing a strong character to life onstage. [mp3j flow=”y” track=”@″]

Mina Harker is one of the most complex characters in Dracula: a woman who has experienced the vampire’s monstrous acts, yet can still see his human qualities. Her first encounter with Dracula at a masquerade ball calls for a finely nuanced portrayal. Natasha Grimm and Winthrop Corey discuss how she approaches it. [mp3j flow=”y” track=”@″]

Is Dracula a man, a monster, or a mixture of both? Sasha York and Winthrop Corey talk it over. [mp3j flow=”y” track=”@″]

With its classic characters, fast-paced drama, and lavish visual appeal, Dracula is a great introduction for viewers who might never have attended a ballet before. What should you tell them to persuade them to come with you? Sasha York and Winthrop Corey both have ideas, but in some ways their answers are surprisingly different! [mp3j flow=”y” track=”@″]

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