'Dracula' – the countdown is on!

October is here — and that means the countdown is on for ‘Dracula‘!
American Midwest Ballet’s fast-paced and suspenseful production of Winthrop Corey’s visually rich, romantic and chilling ballet will be October 28 at Omaha’s Orpheum Theater, and preparations are moving into high gear.
This past weekend, the cast did its first complete run-through in full costumes, giving a preview of how stunning the lavishly detailed production will look on the Orpheum stage.
This photo gallery gives a glimpse of some of the hard work, artistry, and energy that happen behind the scenes as American Midwest Ballet’s dancers bring life to Dracula‘s compelling cast of characters: beautiful but terrifying vampire brides, colorful gypsy dancers, revelers at a masquerade ball, and the sinisterly magnetic Count Dracula himself. The spectacular result is just weeks away, and tickets are on sale now!
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