Ballet Nebraska's first TV ad set to air

Coming soon to a television screen near you, American Midwest Ballet’s first on-air public service announcement (PSA) aims to intrigue viewers while highlighting ballet’s glamour and elegance.
Built on a theme of “Get Ready for American Midwest Ballet,” the video uses tightly-cropped visuals of an attractive couple “getting ready,” without explaining exactly for what… then gradually reveals that they’re dancers getting ready for a American Midwest Ballet performance.
Featuring dancers Natasha Grimm and Matthew Carter, the 30-second video was scripted and directed by Jim Williams, and filmed and edited by Lance Glenn. It is being submitted to Omaha-area television stations for airing in the run-up to American Midwest Ballet’s October 2 premiere production of Swing, Swing, Swing!, and also will be used later in the season for Momentum and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Here’s the video as seen on American Midwest Ballet’s YouTube channel:

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