Solo Program/YAGP Guidelines

Solo Program/YAGP Guidelines

I. Required Classes/Training

  • 9-10 years of age must be enrolled in: 2 ballet class and 1 modern/contemporary class at AMB School for the entire school year.      
  • 11 years of age and older must be enrolled in: 2 ballet classes, 1 pointe or pre-pointe class, and 1 modern/contemporary class at AMB School for the entire school year. 

II. Fees

  1. A Participation Fee of $150.00 for the first dance and $50.00 for each additional dance is due upon enrollment in the AMB Solo Program. A one-time choreography fee of $260 is required per dance (includes 1 hour of private time.)  A list of approved choreographers will be provided by AMB School. Dancer may not use an outside choreographer. All fees are paid directly to AMB School. Participation Fees and Choreography Fees are non-refundable.
  2. Dancer is required to meet with an AMB instructor for a minimum of thirty (30) minute private lesson per week per dance to prepare for competitions, paid on a monthly basis. Private lessons will have a standing weekly time on Sundays. Private lesson monthly fees are $130.00=2 hours / $260=4 hours per month per dance, September-March (or until the completion of competitions.) Private Lesson Fees are due on the first of each month and paid directly to AMB School. Private lesson fees are non-refundable. 
  3. Additional expenses paid by Dancer include: competition entry fees, costume(s), makeup, travel, and solo program jacket.

III. Policies

  1. Any Solo Program choreography must be rehearsed by AMB School staff members only. As a registered Dancer participating in competitions under the auspices of the AMB School, choreography is the property of the school.
  2. Dancer who participates in competitions in which they have been registered through AMB School must be accompanied by an AMB School staff member only; not instructors, choreographers, directors or dancers from other programs or schools/studios.
  3. Dancer will not compete with or through any other private dance studio/school or independent teacher outside of AMB School. Dancer must be registered for any and all competitions through AMB School. Failure to comply will result in automatic dismissal from the Solo Program.
  4. Should Dancer quit or be removed from AMB School before they have competed, AMB School is only responsible for refunding Dancer’s unused competition entry fees if the hosting organization/company refunds AMB School directly in cash. Should this occur, AMB has until the end of the school year to refund those entry fees to Dancer. AMB School is under no financial obligation whatsoever to Dancer if the host company will not refund the fees or they issue a credit instead of cash refund.
  5. Solo Program fees including Participation Fees, Choreography Fees, and Private Lesson Tuition are non-refundable for any reasons.

IV. Behavior

  1. Dancer’s conduct must meet AMB School standards for professional and courteous behavior at all times, including regular rehearsals, competitions, performances, and events outside AMB School premises.
  2. Dancer agrees to be a good-will ambassador of AMB School at all times.
  3. Dancer must adhere to AMB School Dress Code or accepted attire by the Director. Any violations of the above terms of conduct/behavior may be cause for removal from the Solo Program or for the Dancer to be placed on probation. The terms and duration of the probationary period are at the discretion of the Director.

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