Momentum: Rhapsody in Blue

This production has concluded. 

Momentum: Rhapsody in Blue

Fri., Oct. 19, 7:30 pm  | Joslyn Art Museum
Sun., Oct. 21, 2:00 pm | Iowa Western Arts Center

Headlining this season’s mixed repertory production is Rhapsody in Blue, choreographed by Erika Overturff to the iconic  music of George Gershwin. Elegant yet playful in style, the ballet blends neoclassical technique with  elements of jazz, just as Gershwin did in composing the score.

Among the program’s other highlights are three guest works: Frank Chaves’ flirtatious At Last ; Mariana  Oliveira’s Death and the Maiden, winner of the Joffrey Ballet’s 2016 Winning Works competition; and  Group Therapy, a witty character study by master showman Harrison McEldowney.

Rounding out the production are returns by two audience favorites: Overturff’s Connemara, created in  2010 as part of a collaboration with Joslyn Art Museum; and Matthew Lovegood’s French Songs, set to  selections from composer and musicologist Joseph Cantaloube’s Chants d’Auvergne.

Overturff’s inspiration for Connemara was a painting selected by a vote of Joslyn visitors from the museum’s  permanent collection: Connemara (Rock Pool), by contemporary American artist May Stevens.

Energy and variety make Momentum an audience favorite, earning such view responses as: 
– “A wonderful and varied program with something for everyone!” 
– “This is a perfect show for those who love dance and those who think they don’t.”  
– “We can’t wait for the next show! I was so impressed!”